Meet Our New Members – Part II

This fall we are excited to welcome 11 new students and 22 new mentors to the Minds Matter Twin Cities program. We asked them a few questions to get to know a little about them. Read on for your introduction!

Mentor: Angela Carl, Vice President of Depo International/Court ReporterAngelaJoyce
Mentee: Joyce B., Bloomington Kennedy High School

Angela: I joined Minds Matter because: I heard through the grapevine how wonderful of a program it is, did a little research, and immediately knew I wanted to get involved.
I’m Watching: “Nashville” and “Breaking Bad”
I’m Reading: Forbes and Bloomberg Businessweek online
I’m Listening to: Any randomness on my ipod – from techno to rap!

Joyce: I joined Minds Matter because: I knew that the program would help me develop skills in all different areas, and help me become a better student, as well as offer me a variety of new opportunities.
I’m Watching: “Grey’s Anatomy”
I’m Reading: House of Hades by Rick Riordan
I’m Listening to: Royals by Lorde



Mentor: Alex Duwe, MBA Student at the Carlson School of Management, Mentee: Antonio S., Blomington Kennedy High School, Mentor: Brett Gronholz, Engineer at General Dynamics


Alex: I joined Minds Matter because: I wanted to give back to the community and help high school kids who did not have the advantages that I had as a teenager, thrive and become the best that they can possibly be.  I had a great experience as a mentor with the Minds Matter program in Chicago, and I wanted to continue with the program in Minneapolis.  
I’m Watching: 
I’m Reading: 
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
I’m Listening to: 
The Lumineers

Antonio: I joined Minds Matter because:  I know it’s a good opportunity to help me with my career in the future.
I’m Watching: The NBA season
I’m Reading: A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah
I’m Listening to: Control by Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar

Brett: I joined Minds Matter because: I’m interested in helping students gain access to opportunities which allow them to explore their interests, broaden their horizons, and achieve academic success.
I’m Watching: “Newsroom”
I’m Reading: I Wear the Black Hat by Chuck Klosterman
I’m Listening to: Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt


Mentor: Kyle Javes, Fixed income trader/underwriter at Piper Jaffray, Mentee: MaiNiha H., Humboldt High School, Mentor: Shayla Frechette, 

KyleMainhiaShaylaKyle: I joined Minds Matter because: it is something I wished I had known more about when I was in high school and I want to help high schoolers navigate the often confusing college process.
I’m Watching: “Homeland”
I’m Reading: Rigged by Ben Mezrich
I’m Listening to: Phantogram

Mainhia: I joined Minds Matter because:
 I want to go to college and I know that Minds Matter will be able to help me. I also want to meet new people and make new friends, and lastly; it’s great to have mentors that can help you whenever you need help.
I’m Watching: “The Myth”
I’m Reading: As Dead As It Gets by Katie Alender
I’m Listening to: I don’t listen to any particular song, because today I might listen to Love Story, and tomorrow listen to Diamond.


Mentor: Amit Thakrar, Analyst at Piper Jaffray, Mentee: Taleia C., Minneapolis College Prep, Mentor: Brittany Nelson-Cheeseman,  Professor – School of Engineering, University of St. Thomas

AmitTaleiaBrittanyAmit: I joined Minds Matter because: I recently moved to Minneapolis and thought that Minds Matter would be a great way to settling in to a new environment, as well as getting to help a student navigate the self discovery process which is high school.
I’m Watching: “TED Talks”, “The Newsroom,” and “New Girl”
I’m Reading: The Economist and Wall Street Journal
I’m Listening to: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me on NPR

Taleia: I joined Minds Matter because: I thought that it would be a good opportunity to be challenged and would help me get into a rigorous college that has my specific majors.
I’m Watching: “CSI”, “Psych” and “20/20”
I’m Reading: The Killer Book of True Crime by Tom Philbin
I’m Listening to: Pop and R&B

Brittany: I joined Minds Matter because:  I can help expose youth to the experiential knowledge I have gained throughout life and am more than happy to  help them navigate life’s upcoming challenges.
I’m Watching: “TED Talks”
I’m Reading: Lots of non-fiction books on creativity, and educational, cognitive and motivational psychology
I’m Listening to: RadioLab on NPR


Mentor: Jean Xie, Mentee: Jackie D., Bloomington Kennedy High School,  Mentor: Michael Boardman, Private Equity at TripleTree 

JeanJackieMichael Jean: I joined Minds Matter because: This program was something that I know as a student I would have really benefited from, so that was what drew me initially. I also like the way the program focuses on different areas depending on the HS year, from summer programs to ultimately applying to college.
I’m Watching: “How I Met Your Mother”
I’m Reading: Anything from a gossip magazine to studying for the GMAT.
I’m Listening to: Sara Bareilles

Jackie: I joined Minds Matter because: of the amazing opportunities presented through the program, such as Test prep and summer college programs.
I’m Watching: “X Factor”
I’m Reading: I try to read all genres of
books, from Historical fiction to Magazines
I’m Listening to:  Drake, Lorde and Bob Marley

Michael: I joined Minds Matter because: I was attracted to the program because of its high impact model and the ability to work with great students who are transforming themselves into successful adults.
I’m Reading: About History and Politics
I’m Listening to:  Podcasts about current events, trivia and useless random facts


Mentor: Lindsay Howard, Business Analyst at Target Corporate, Mentee: Hibaa R., Minneapolis College Prep, Mentor: Troy Beckman, US history teacher 


Lindsay: I joined Minds Matter because: It sounded like a great opportunity to help advance the education of deserving high school students.
I’m Watching: “Orange is the New Black”
I’m Reading: The Good Father by Noah Hawley
I’m Listening to: The Mowglis, John Mayer, One Republic

Hibaa: I joined Minds Matter because: I wanted to one day reach my dreams, and Minds Matter is what will help me.
I’m Watching: “Flashpoint”
I’m Reading: The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
I’m Listening to: kpop

Troy: I joined Minds Matter because:  It sounded like a great program to give my time to and help worthy students reach their goals. I enjoy working with kids and enjoy seeing them succeed.
I’m Watching: “Breaking Bad”
I’m Reading: Black Fire by Robert Graysmith
I’m Listening to: Mumford & Sons

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