We Are
Minds Matter Twin Cities

Minds Matter connects driven and determined students from low-income families with the people, preparation and possibilities to succeed in college, create their future, and change the world.


Students have been accepted into a four-year college.

We strive to equip high school students with the tools to gain acceptance to a four-year university and navigate the financial aid process. Through these efforts, we help our students develop as individuals. We introduce them to a world of opportunity outside their neighborhoods and comfort zones. Minds Matter works with motivated students because we believe that no student dedicated to earning a college education should be limited by socioeconomic status.

Who Are Our Students

73% of students admitted to Barron’s Most, Highly, or Very Competitive schools


The Average incoming GPA of Minds Matter students


89% of students identify as minorities


Each day, Minds Matter is inspired by the commitment and drive of the students we serve. Our students choose to spend 4-6 hours per week improving their academic abilities and preparing themselves for the future.

What People Are Saying

"During the school year, my Minds Matter mentors were a constant source of support, especially when I was overwhelmed and stressed about college applications. To know that I have people outside of my family that supports me and want to see me succeed has given me the motivation to keep pushing myself. I want to make them – and myself – proud.”

-Nancy, Minds Matter alumni and Wheaton College Class of 2019

It didn’t take long for me to notice the many constants between chapters of Minds Matter: extremely dedicated volunteers, enthusiastic and intellectually curious mentees, and an incredible leadership network in the board of directors.

- Jonathan, Minds Matter Washington, D.C. president

I grew up believing I had to do everything for myself. Slowly, but surely, I learned how to ask for help… it was a huge lesson to realize that I sometimes can’t do it all. If anything, I need community.” .

- Zhi, Minds Matter San Francisco Alumna and Hamilton College Class of 2019

How We Do It


Our academic mentors work with their students through a three-year program from sophomore to senior year.


Many volunteers meet with students for 3 hours on a weekly basis. This year, volunteers will donate over 8,000 hours of their time to MMD.


Minds Matter would not be possible without our generous donators helping to continue our organization.

Are You Ready to get involved?

Are you interested in getting involved as a student or a volunteer for the 2021-22 academic year? We look forward to hearing from you! Please download student or volunteer applications below, and contact us at twincities@mindsmatter.org with any questions.