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Minds Matter Twin Cities is hiring for an executive director. Apply today!

Minds Matter Twin Cities is seeking to hire our first Executive Director. The Executive Director will provide strategic vision for the organization, support our volunteers, grow our fundraising, develop community relationships with diverse stakeholders, and guide day-to-day operations. Minds Matter works because of the commitment and time of our volunteers and the Executive Director will focus on partnering with the Board and volunteers to ensure the overall health of organizational operations and culture, fundraising for sustainability, and driving programmatic growth.

Click on the Executive Director job posting to learn more and for instructions on how to apply.

interested in getting involved as a student or a volunteer for the 2024-25 academic year?



Student applications for fall 2024 are open now. Current high school freshmen (future class of 2027) are welcome to apply.


How To Apply

Please complete the Student Application and have the appropriate adults fill out the Parent/Guardian Application and Academic Reference Nomination Form. All three forms must be completed by June 15, 2024.


After you submit your Student Application, email requests will be sent directly to your parent/guardian and guidance/school counselor to complete their forms (i.e., Parent/Guardian Application and Academic Reference Nomination Form). Please notify the individuals you listed in your application to be on the lookout for emails directly from us requesting additional information.



  • Be a sophomore student in the 2024-25 school year
  • Maintain a strong overall grade point average of 3.0 or higher
  • Be committed to pursuing a four-year college education
  • Available on Saturdays during school year
  • Available to participate in Summer Programs
  • Demonstrate strong academic potential, motivation, maturity, and responsibility




Mentor applications for the 2024-25 school year are open. Programming for 2024-25 will begin in early October 2024.


Mentors guide, challenge, and celebrate their student through their three years in the program. As a mentor, you’ll act as a caring adult in your mentee’s life, providing emotional and consistent support while sharing insight from your own journey to college and beyond. You will directly impact your mentee’s chance at a college education. To learn more about what it's like being a mentor with Minds Matter, please see the "Mentor" section in the "FAQs" page.


How To Apply

  1. Submit the volunteer application
  2. Participate in a 30-minute virtual interview
  3. Receive decision within two weeks of interview



  • Are college graduates of four-year colleges or universities
  • Pass a criminal background check and undergo child protection training
  • Work in triads to ensure their student’s assignments are completed on time




Besides our mentor volunteer positions, Minds Matter Twin Cities also has volunteer roles on our executive committee. The executive team works together to build a strong organization infrastructure, which includes developing relationships with Twin Cities high school counselors and students, recruiting positive and skilled volunteers, fundraising, and creating curriculum.


  • Program Director (sophomore/junior/senior): Designs, organizes, and facilitates the mentoring sessions on Saturdays, collaborates with other program leaders (e.g., Test Prep, Math Matters, and Writing & Critical Thinking instructors) to design the morning sessions and provides support to the mentors and mentees
  • Director of Programming/Curriculum: Coordinates programming with the sophomore, junior, and senior program directors
  • Team Leader: Works with the program directors and mentors to build team cohesion, implement the curriculum, and keep the team on track
  • Director of Summer Program: Manages the Summer Program application process and provides support to mentors and mentees
  • Test Prep Instructor: Guides junior students through a structured weekly curriculum that helps increase students’ PSAT, SAT, and ACT scores
  • Math Matters Instructor: Designs, organizes, and implements the Math Matters program for the sophomore students
  • Writing & Critical Thinking Instructor: Shapes and implements a curriculum designed to improve students’ writing and critical thinking skills and produce highly competitive essays for Summer Programs and college applications
  • College Advisor: Provides guidance on the college application process (e.g., college research, financial aid, scholarships) to the junior and senior students
  • Director of Volunteer Recruitment: Recruits volunteers (mentors and leadership roles)
  • Director of Volunteer Engagement: Plans and organizes social engagement activities to support volunteers and build a community within the program
  • Director of Student Recruitment: Develops relationships with high school counselors and recruits students
  • Director of Alumni Relations: Maintains relationships with students who are in college after Minds Matter and supports these students with career opportunities
  • Director of Social Media & Marketing: Leads social media/marketing initiatives
  • Director of Development: Develops fundraising strategies, organizes events (e.g., annual gala), and searches for and writes grants
  • Salesforce Administrator: Supports the management of Salesforce data on our mentees and volunteers
  • Website Administrator: Manages the Minds Matter website

*May be subject to change and availability.


How To Apply

  1. Submit the volunteer application
  2. Participate in a 30-minute virtual interview
  3. Receive decision within two weeks of interview



  • Are college graduates of four-year colleges or universities
  • Pass a criminal background check and undergo child protection training
  • Perform duties of assigned EC role and attend monthly EC meetings

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