How Do You Define Success?


With the 2013-14 Minds Matter year off to a great start, we thought it was time to get to know two of our new students. As we challenge them to think and write critically, what better way to show our benefactors where their generous donations are going than to share with them what the students are up to.

We recently posed a question to them — How do you define success? — and their answers gives us a glimpse into the special individuals they are. Stay tuned throughout the year for more updates!

From Ayele:

Success is looking back on your accomplishments and being happy. Sometimes having peace of mind doesn’t have to be when you achieve success, but when you reflect and know that you gave your all.  [S]uccess is making a difference, no matter how small or insignificant it may be to others. When you’ve studied your hardest for an exam and you do well, chances are you aren’t thinking about everyone else’s grade; you don’t have to affect everyone to be classified as “a successful individual.”

From Hibaa:

True success is being able to find happiness regardless of what your financial status is, having the ability to overcome tough situations, and finding true happiness.  Being comfortable with one’s financial background creates motivation and effort to strive. Enduring through hard times creates a more open-minded and understanding person. Being able to enjoy the little things creates a more relaxed and stable person. Success is something that is earned. Putting effort and time into reaching something brings out true success and happiness. It is something that takes time to achieve and is a goal itself.

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