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Hello my little chicken tenders. Let’s resolve some questions I made in my previous journal.

What if I don’t make any friends??! The first few days I was being a little awkward turtle and didn’t branch out so I was a lone wolf for the first few days… but I have started making really weird friends like me and my experience is getting better and better! What if it’s super hot and my clothes are all too heavy? It’s totally the opposite! I brought summer clothes to wear for humid weather because one of the other Minds Matter mentees told me it was humid. Only to find out it has been 60 degrees the highest this week! >:( So I had to buy a Loyola sweater and sweatpants [which I’m not completely mad about(;] What if the food isn’t good? The food isn’t the best but hey it’s edible! What if no one picks me up once I get the the Chicago Airport?? A nice lady named Becca picked me up from the airport holding a HUGE “WELCOME SUMMER SCHOLARS” sign so I couldn’t miss her. haha

But back to the questions! What is a typical day at Loyola?

I wake up at 7:00 AM, get ready and all that good stuff while I wait for my friend Andrea to knock on my door at 8:15. Andrea, Anna (my roommate) and I usually walk to the dining hall, which is a 20 minute walk. After eating breakfast I run to the Starbucks and order my morning pick me up and head to class at 9:00.

Class is different every day, usually for the first two hours of class we talk about the homework the night before and the conversation usually trails off into a discussion somewhat related to the topic. The last hour the teacher tells us about what our homework will be about. But most days we have a guest speaker or we go on adventurous field trips. 😀

At 12:00 class gets out and the UFS (urban fields studies) class walks together to grab some lunch.

(Just to let you know the Visual Design and Storytelling for Journalism course was cancelled at the last minute and I had to re-chose a course)

At 1:00 I head back to the IC (Information Commons or “Study Center”) to print the PDF’s our teacher sends us for homework. At 1:30 I head back to the dorms and I either go straight to my room and do my homework until 5:00 (which is dinner) because the teacher gives up 30+ pages of paperwork to read and take notes on.. Or I slack like a couch potato and go into my friends room to hang out with them until 11:00 PM…

How is your roommate?

My roommate is horrible! She leaves her clothes all over the dorm and only cares about herself D:< Just kidding! My roommate is really cool! Her name is Anna she lived in Chicago but moved to Wisconsin 6 years ago. Anna is like me but in a taller, full Caucasian form. We can talk and have fun or we can just sit in our room minding our own business and chill~

We joke around a lot; I call her the Mafia (long story..) and she calls me the Incredible Hulk (the third night I was showering and broke the showerhead off the handle).

What is your favorite memory?

My favorite memory so far.. There are so many memories I can choose from.. Last night we went to Second City. Second City is a comedy club and the actors/actresses were performing comedy and improv skits. I love improv! I laughed so hard at some parts that a completely different laugh came out of me that I didn’t know existed… The content of the skits were very mature and I was surprised the SRA’s (Summer Resident Advisors) allowed us to watch the show. As we laughed our heads off me and some friends shared some Spinach Artichoke Dip that was TO DIE FOR!

I’m sorry I’m rambling around (pun: Loyola’s mascot is the rambler)… I just have to much to say about this program. This program feels more like a summer camp but the classwork is so.. college-like (which is ironic because it’s a college class and i’m getting college credit). WELL. That’s all I have for this episode! I will include some pictures below of everything I have done this past week! (Warning: I love taking pictures)


(DO NOT JUDGE MY PHOTOBUCKET USERNAME. I made it in middle school..)

Awesomely Yours,

Thidasavanh Crockett

 Hello my dumplings! My name is Thidasavanh Rakel Crockett, I am a sing junior at North High School on the North side of Minneapolis (Go Polars!!)  will be attending Loyola University Chicago taking the Visual Design and Storytelling for Journalists course. Fun Fact: Loyola isn’t the only summer program I’m attending this year, by the end of the summer I will have participated in THREE different summer programs.

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