Prepare for Takeoff

I am very excited to travel alone. This will be my first time traveling outside Minnesota without my family. I’m also thrilled about going to Baltimore. I will finally be able to see the different places I learned about. I must admit, I’m terrified of landing planes. I am not certain when or why this phobia started but the movies I watch do not help my case. However, taking off does not phase me. I smile with excitement every time I hear the pilot announce “prepare for take-off.”
I’m hoping to come back with an improved perspective towards abnormal psychology and forensic science. I know that the information I acquire during my stay may influence what career path I choose. I can not wait meet and interact with my professors. I am very curious as to what type of ¬†lessons will be taught. I hope stay opened minded and imbibe as much knowledge as possible.
Christine Otieno was born in Kenya on April 1, 1997. She loves music, math and writing. This summer, she will be attending the John Hopkins Discovery program.

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