To describe how I feel right now in one word, I’d say I am.. NERVOUSexcitedstressedandtired. I’ve had so much on my plate this summer. I was at the U of M Minneapolis campus (June 17th – July 3rd) taking their SHIP (Summer History Immersion Program) program, studying LGBTQ History but Anita Bryant more specifically. Now I’m attending MITY (Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth) at Macalester College in St.Paul (July 7 – July 19th) which I have attended every summer since my freshman year. This year I’m taking the Architecture course. Which ended yesterday ); I am very sad, but I am also excited for Loyola tomorrow!!

I’m excited for all the new friends I’ll make while getting to explore the Loyola campus and parts of Chicago! I can’t wait to get my roommates because I said I’d prefer to have 2 roommates. Partially because I’ve always had one roommate so I wanna know what it feels like to have another! Partially cause three’s a party!!!

I’m also nervous because what if I don’t make any friends??! What if it’s super hot and my clothes are all too heavy? What if the food isn’t good?  I’m also very nervous about my plane ride. What if I get lost?? What if no one picks me up once I get the the Chicago Airport?? Oh goodness, I’m so stressed.. I just overthink things so much.

I have no expectation for my program except to be very fun! But it won’t be able to top my last summer program (just sayin’) But here is a little tune that has been stuck in my head all week~

I know he says LA but lets say he says Chicago haha.

Awesomely Yours,

Thidasavanh Crockett

Hello my dumplings! My name is Thidasavanh Rakel Crockett, I am a sing junior at North High School on the North side of Minneapolis (Go Polars!!)  will be attending Loyola University Chicago taking the Visual Design and Storytelling for Journalists course. Fun Fact: Loyola isn’t the only summer program I’m attending this year, by the end of the summer I will have participated in THREE different summer programs.

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