Life as a New Yorker

It is HUMID, not only hot but very humid in New York. I already miss the chills of Minnesota. The weather is also really bipolar because one minute it is pouring rain, and the sun was shining the next. I thought only Minnesota had crazy weather, but New York is chaotic! NSLC stops for nothing; rain or shine, the day must continue.


To start off, there is NO such thing as a “typical” day at NSLC, each day is different! My “typical” day is pretty much waking up at 7AM, dress accordingly to the required attire, and leave for breakfast around 8AM. After, my classmates and I meet up for our home session, which is usually about an hour or two, then we have our daily activity (leadership series, panels, seeing a play/musical, etc.). Lunch is shortly after that, then we meet up for home sessions again for another two hours, then dinner happily arrives. Occasionally, there are socials where we meet students from other groups like business or culinary. At 10:30PM, there is floor check, then 11PM is check-in and lights out.

My roommate’s name is Bailee, she’s pretty cool although we don’t really talk much. There is small talk here and there, but other than that, it’s not much (Awkward Turtle). What’s so funny was that on the day I arrived, I didn’t even get to meet my roommate until like that evening. Pretty much, I was the only one that day that didn’t get to meet my roommate until much later in the day. On the bright side, I came out of my shell and made some friends. We are called “The Octopickles,” even though there are only seven of us.

My favorite times are when we were out in the city. We got to roam around free, within our parameter. So far, we went to go see the Broadway musical Matilda and it was mind-blowing. Everything about it was just so perfect, and when we were walking to catch our bus back to the dorm, we saw Matilda outside with her parents! She was adorable; I could just squish her! We also went to an off-broadway show called A Kid Like Jake, and it was just heart-wrenching. The actors were perfect and everything seemed so natural; it was truly emotional, and I shed a few tears. Newsies was breathtaking! The harmony was phenomenal, the choreography was perfection, and the guys were freakin’ gods sent from above! My friends and I had a moment of fangirling. Let’s just say I could take the lead girl’s role anytime! Although, if I could see any of the performances again, I would want to see Matilda again.


Until next time my odd creatures (and I only have like two days left of my program)!

This awkward turtle is named Jame See Yang and she enjoys bobbing her head to an unknown world of music, dancing around here and there, and entertaining people. She hatched from an egg in the city of Brooklyn Center, but is now in New York for NSLC. She is currently attending and will be graduating from Brooklyn Center High School.

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