Anthony takes Cincinnati!

My typical day at Xavier consists of waking up at 7:15 every morning of the week to eat breakfast. After breakfast, I walk to my first class with all of my classmates and I start my first class of the day. This class goes from 8:45 to 11:45. After this class I have lunch until I have to go to my last class which begins at 1:15 and ends at 3:15. We have our after-class activities planned for us already, we usually have some sort of meeting where we talk about college and many other things. We then have dinner, which sets us up for study time. I usually do my homework with a couple friends, but sometime I also do it alone. After we are all done with our homework, we either have another meeting or we go outside and play some sports until we have to sleep. For the most part, it has been a fun experience living with my roommate. My favorite moment so far has been spending the day at King Park.

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