Next stop, Northwestern!


I am most excited about learning more about Bioethics because I don’t know much about it. I am a very curious person and always enjoy learning new things. Whether they’re little things such as tying your shoes or something as big as driving a car. I look forward to learning more in depth about Bioethics and having a great time at Northwestern.

I am nervous about not understanding the criteria in the classes. Bioethics is made up of medical science and biology. Today’s medical field is very broad and I am sure it is the same with biology. But it’s going to be a challenge and I will take it head on with my skills and ability.

The biggest take away I think would be everything from meeting new people, to experiencing the college vibe. I have probably been asked more than 20 times by my friends and family, “What are you doing this summer? “ I simply answer, “I’m going to a summer college program.” Their reaction is, “WOAH! You’re going to college already?” I answer them, “Yea, pretty much.” In the end they tell me to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered and that when they were growing up, they didn’t have these kinds of programs and if they did, the programs had an expensive fee to attend.

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