The Sophomore Porgrams

Focuses on the foundational MMD curriculum, which aims to develop the students’ skills levels in key areas before they move into the junior and senior programs.

The unique curriculum focuses on writing and critical thinking, public speaking and debate.

The PSAT course, administered from February to May, consists of seven weeks of preparation for the PSAT.

Their yearlong experience provides a foundation for the final, capstone component of the Sophomore Program, the college summer program.

During the school year, the students apply to academically intensive summer programs at colleges, universities and prep schools throughout the US, which they attend as rising juniors.

Additional activities include homework help, team-building, researching and applying for financial aid, and special events such as a career panel.

The Junior Porgrams

Students continue to work with their two mentors to refine their academic skills. Writing, oral presentation, and interviewing skills are honed.

Juniors also attend an intensive, 15-week ACT prep course, which is a key resource that ensures the students are able to realize their dream of pursuing higher education. The program provides students with free access to study materials, a structured weekly curriculum, and individual attention to help raise their ACT test scores.

Juniors who successfully complete the program are given the opportunity to attend domestic and foreign summer programs. The programs further prepare students for admission to four-year colleges or universities. Students also apply for financial aid for summer programs and college. Programming also includes special events such as a college visit.

The Senior Porgrams

Guides students through the college application process, including school selection, interviews and financial aid.

In addition, the program provides workshops on how to adapt to college life.

At the end of the year, Minds Matter provides seniors with a performance-based stipend of up to $500 to use on tuition, books, and/or computers.