Jaelynne's Roller Coaster Ride to Northwestern


Let me first apologize to my followers(that’s the correct name for you guys, right? Maybe readers is more culturally correct?)  for the delay. This last week before I leave has been busy. I started work at the Minnesota Department of Revenue this week. In the evenings I was a camp counselor for my church. The time I set aside to write was abruptly taken away by mother nature. She felt as though it wasn’t the right time I suppose. Now to answer the question:

Maybe its my melodramatic teenage-hood kicking in but the weeks leading up to my summer program have been a roller coaster ride. One week I was super excited and I couldn’t shut up. The next I was hyperventilating thinking about  how if I brought too much perfume or said the wrong thing, the security might think I’m a terrorists and then I’d be blacklisted and forced to clear my name like Michael Weston in “Burn Notice.”  Then the next week I’d be blase and try not to think about the whole thing before I’d get overwhelmed.  Now looking back I realize, “I be trippin'” as they say.

Now, one day before my trip, I can distinguish my feelings. I’m most excited about the chill time we will have during the program. Relationships mean everything to me. Plus being around like-minded people is a dream come true for a person like me. Let’s be honest, have any of you ever met a person like me? Because I have and they were about thirty years my senior, so being able to talk without caution is perfect!

Though what I’m most nervous about is meeting my professor. I’m not sure why when I envision a post secondary teacher, I envision someone very snobby, uppity, and sophisticated. All are Oxford worthy. I’m most nervous about it because he’s the one I can’t assume with. He might expect me to recite dates and documents and whatever else. Or maybe he wants me to know little to nothing so he can feel valid and teach me. I feel as though there is no way to properly prepare. The biggest takeaway will definitely be how to prepare for this uncharted situation (it probably isn’t the right word but I’m listening to Sara Barilles’ “Uncharted” right now). Also how to stay calm and cool in a place you’ve never been. Ideally, I’ll take away a sense of accomplishment for completing the program and making myself more useful to the people in need around the world. Oh and I couldn’t forget, I’ll take away how not to become Michael Weston.

Peace, Love, and Ambiguity,

Jaelynne Palmer is a student at Hopkins High School in Minnesota . She’s passionate about subjects such as, politics, history, literature, and music. She spends way to much time reading, watching anything on Netflix, and loving her puppy Tucker LaFostecasse. (She also realizes the oxford comma no longer exist but doesn’t wish to follow the rule)